What a peeling?

That makes a certain time that the market of CARE ESTHETIQUES was invades by PEELINGS with the FRUIT ACIDS.

The skin is a body made up of cells which, like all the cells of the body, do not like to be attacked.

The real GOAL of a peeling is to remove dead skin cells to allow the fresh new skin cells, having still a certain life time, to better assume their role.

Lotion with the acids of flowers.

The LABORATORIES Gernétic Int. have just developed a very particular LOTION where ACIDS OF FLOWERS of a new generation are introduced.

Rarer and more refined than the fruit acids, the ACIDS of FLOWERS contain AHA which one can better control to cause pleasant a peeling, very effective, without attacking the cells of the skin.

The AHA assert: improvement of the cellular renewal a softer and clearer skin; a smoothing of the skin; a more flexible and firmer skin; better a hydration. We chose 4 special FLOWERS:
  • Hibiscus, whose flowers with the red, yellow and white petals are richest in organic acids.
  • The Lily, where the odorous white flowers were selected. They will be fertilized by the moths.
  • Frangipanier produces flowers which scent and embellish the Polynesian gardens.
  • Freesia: it is the flower with 6 petals in the shape of funnel, considered as the most scented flower florists. These 4 flowers contain 12% of citric acid, 5% of malic acid and 3% of tartaric acid. Click here to consult the detailed chart.